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Retail Price $189
Expiration 6 years
Weight Range 4-22
Height range 30" or less
Carrier weight 9
Seat base weight 17
Base width 15
Carrier width 17
Overall length 27


Premium Lower Anchor Connectors
No Re-thread Harness
Lock Offs
Fits Preemies Small Babies
Handle in Any Position in Car
LATCH connections Push-on
Harness height adjustment Rethread
Harness tension adjustment Single Pull Front
Base recline level indicator type Bubble Level
Base recline level indicator position Both Sides
Carrier recline level indicator type Line
Carrier recline level indicator position Both Sides
Adjustable base
Belt lockoff
Adjustable crotch strap
Handle restriction
Carrier use without base
Spanish language instructions Included

Additional Information

Comments -Small canopy -Very easy install -Seat is a bit heavy
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